Sunday, February 9, 2020

Movie Review: Abominable

Last week we did a movie night and watched Abominable. I had kinda high expectations because the animation style looked great and clearly a violin played (haha) an important part. I was NOT disappointed! I give it like a 4 out of 5 stars, ☆, maybe even 4.5. It was super cute, didn't have super scary parts (yes it's a kids movie but sometimes they have random scary parts), had some funny stuff that was not in the trailers, and had a decent plot! Way more than one usually expects from a kids movie.
It is by Dreamworks, and surprisingly didn't have crude/adult humor! It was overall a sweet movie about family and being together. AND there was a female lead with a male counterpart and there was NO romance! They didn't end up together! You'd think there'd be more kids movies without major romance threads.
The female lead plays the violin and it's actually a plot point and I hope kids are impressed by the classical music and desire to play!

Some spoilers ahead.

There is a creature called the Whooping Snake and he is totally cute, harmless, and hilarious. He says "whooOOP" when he pops up, and he does it a few times kinda unexpectedly throughout the movie. ALSO wait for the credits. A story in pictures is told. It's cute, UNEXPECTED, then a happy ending.
The henchmen are great. One is named Dave. He gets darted, makes a joke that they probably paid really good money to make (it involves the Whooping Snake and Tag Team song). Another henchman, when handing a suitcase of money to a witness, says "It's-a-bribe" and that has been quoted several times in my household.

Spoilers ahead.

There is a big plot twist about halfway or more through the movie in which the true villain is revealed and for once it isn't the crotchety rich old man! Truly was a stunning twist.
There is a scary scene near the end (at the climax) where the bad guys have the kids surrounded and the yeti gets tranquilized and someone falls off a bridge (but there's a rope to hold on to) and that was probably the scariest part but it's the climax so you have to have unfortunate things happen. 

All in all, I could watch it again. The art style, the humor, the plot, all worked well together.