Thursday, June 2, 2022

Obit for my Sunglasses

sunglasses, old and new

Picture: on the left is my old pair of sunglasses, on the right is my new pair.

Oh my sunglasses, I acquired you way back in my college days circa 2007. I went to Aeropostale with my sister and she got a pair as well, since it was a 2 for $15 deal. I kept you in your little Aero sunglasses microfiber bag in my beloved Eclipse for all the years of her life with me, then moved you to my Jeep where you continued to be worn whenever the sun was shining and I was wearing my contacts rather than my glasses. I had you when my Mark proposed, when I returned after graduating college, when I got married, when I drove daily to my office job for over a decade, and many other milestones!

I was enjoying the sunshine at a playground on Saturday, approximately 15 years after your acquisition, when I heard and felt a POP. I thought a massive bug might have flown into my sunglasses, but alas it was your frame just breaking under the pressure of so many memories together. With the lens no longer securely held, it was time for a successor. I went back to Aeropostale (this time in MD rather than in FL) and acquired a similar pair for only $8, which is impressive that the price only went up $0.50 in over a decade. 

I hope these new glasses last me into the 2040's, only time will tell.