Thursday, April 28, 2022

Crochet Pattern: Ikea's Poang Armchair arm covers

Ikea has a popular armchair - the Poang. It works great in your house, specifically in your nursery as the chair has enough give to allow some bounce/rocking when calming your baby. The annoying thing is the arms of this chair - they are hard and it's uncomfortable for your elbow or your baby's head to rest on them. Solution: this pattern to cover said arms of said chair! 

How did I come up with this pattern? I figured a rectangle would work nicely, and went from there.
Is this US or UK? US.
Will this work on the Ikea rocking chair? Not sure - the arm is a little different on that one since the rocking part loops around to it, I will update if I try putting a set of my wraps on the rocker in my church's nursery. UPDATE I have tried it and as long as you leave a long tail for weaving and just skip the part where the two pieces meet under the handle then you're good to go. 

If you want to use a bulkier yarn (I received a few skeins from a friend, not sure the weight but it's very plush), then adjust the starting chain length and number of rows to fit. I used the length of my arm from elbow to fingertip to estimate the length I needed.

Yarn: Super Bulky 6 (see photos below), specifically Bernat Blanket
Hook: 6.5mm, US K 

Starting chain: 45 stitches.
Row 1: Using two of the stitches as the turning stitch, double-crochet across the whole way (43).
Row 2-6: Chain 2 for turning stitch, then double-crochet across the whole way (43).
Row 7: Chain 2, *double-crochet in first stitch, chain 1 and skip 1* repeat between the * to the end, finishing with a double-crochet. LEAVE A LONG TAIL, the length of the piece and then a little extra just to be safe. Cut the thread, pull through last stitch to tie off.
To Finish: Wrap the rectangle lengthwise around the arm of the chair, keeping the seam on top for ease of attachment. Using either a hook or a yarn needle, sew the long sides together using the starting chain on one side and the holes created by the single chains on the other. Pull tightly so the arm cover won't slide around. Tie off at the end and rotate so the seam is underneath the arm of the chair. Tada!


The yarn I used - 

Installed on the chair in my home nursery -

The finished product before being installed (neglected to get a photo of the colorful ones before installing so you have a boring black one here, headed for a black/gray chair in my church's nursery, where if I remember I'll try it on a rocker to see if it fits) -