Thursday, April 4, 2024

Crochet Pattern: TV Remote Holder for a Couch Arm

 Everybody needs a place for their TV remotes. A remote location, if you will. This pattern is a simple rectangle, but the difficulty lies in finding the size you need. Here is my math: I measured my remotes (9"x2" and 8.5"x2") and I measured the length I wanted on the couch arm. My plan is to tuck one side between the couch cushion and the arm, and have the remotes in a pocket on the other side of the arm. Going off the length of the remotes, I wanted a 6" pocket. Here's my pattern with the finished product underneath it:

You can see my math all scratched in there. Here's the finished product so you can see the length I was measuring:

So I did an inch of buffer on each side and one in-between the remotes to get a width of 1+2+1+2+1=7". I then did the length of the remote plus an inch of buffer plus the length over the arm to tuck into the cushion plus 6" for the pocket to get 9+1+18+6=34". So for my couch, 34"x7" worked and that's what the pattern should make. 

Hook size: 5mm, standard yarn (wanted something soft since it's on the arm of the couch but I might have gone too stretchy, we shall see since the remotes are hanging in it). 
1. Chain about 134, turn.
2. Single crochet all, chain 1 and turn.
3-14. Double crochet all, chain 2 and turn. (12x)
GO MEASURE - take your work and ensure that the remotes fit and it fits on the couch arm. Adjust if needed.
15. Cut yarn and finish off. 
16. Fold up the pocket and, starting in the bottom corner, slip stitch up one side, single crochet the top of the pocket, and slip stitch down the other side. Cut yarn and finish off. Inside-out to hide the seam.
17. Starting at the top middle of the pocket, slip stitch all the way down to make the pocket have two sections (one for each remote). Cut yarn and finish off. 

This pattern should be simple to adapt to more remotes - add more rows to make more room then add more lines of slip stitches to mark off more pocket divisions - and whatever size couch arm you have - adjust the length so it fits. 

I hope this helps you keep track of your remotes!