Monday, July 7, 2014

Independence Day Adventure

 So this weekend (Independence Day), my husband and I drove to Virginia Beach for an awesome weekend. Our trip down was fine, our stay was great, but then came the ride home. It took about 4 hours to drive down, but it took about 7 hours to get home. All because of 301.
Our GPS decided that was the route to take. Our GPS was very misled. At one point the road narrows to one lane to get over a bridge - to do this crossing, a 10 mile stretch of road took over two hours. Yes, it was horrible. As we were waiting there, I should have taken pictures of the decrepit buildings. Some looked like they had not been updated since the 50's.
 After finally crossing that bridge, we realized it was close to 9pm (we were suppose to arrive back home at 8pm originally) and we needed to stop somewhere to eat. We are not fans of Burger King or McDonald's, so we were looking for a Wendy's. We could not find one, so we decided on Taco Bell (yes, bad idea). The one that is right here: Taco Bell on 301 They were playing country music, were out of straws, and took quite a while to give us our tacos. I should fill out the survey on the recipe. Anyways, after leaving there we needed to turn around to get back on track to go home.
 Around here is when I think our GPS was hacked by Steven King or someone like that. Our GPS decided that Parkway Subdivision Road was a great place to travel down to turn around via Race Car Place and Industrial Parkway. The Google Map street view does not do this road justice: creepy road The trees are all very tall now, and it was dark. We pulled off the main road and stopped right there. We noticed the mailboxes all lined up at the road, meaning the mailman doesn't even venture back there. Mark turned on the high beams, and the lights lit up the dirt path disappearing into the tall dark trees with no signs of life back there. I wish we had taken a picture. We both said ABORT ABORT ABORT and got back on the main road.
 We turned around at the next intersection, which happened to be Shining Willow Way (remind you of a horror movie?). And we decided to ignore the GPS as she tried to take us through inner city D.C. at night instead of just staying on the highways. Eventually we made it home!
 One last note about the trip - we were driving along on a rural road (probably was 301) and were passing a huge corn field with no houses in sight. About halfway through the cornfield, we spotted a sign on the side of the road... for a school bus drop-off. Remind you of another horror movie? Yeah it was weird.
 Moral of the story: Sometimes your GPS seems to be plotting against you.

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