Monday, May 23, 2022

Turtle Duck Pattern

Ok, so have you watched Avatar: The Last Airbender? There is an amazingly cute animal on that show called a turtle duck. Ever since finding a (paid) duckling pattern from Little Conkers, I have wanted to figure out how to make a turtle duck. And I decided to just go for it after finding a turtle pattern from Pink Mouse Boutique! I crocheted this little guy for my little brother who is graduating college (WOW how is my little brother already at that milestone???) so this is scheduled to post after I've given him his gift. I might need to make one for myself as well because it's just too cute. All in all, took about two hours to crochet and assemble.

First off, here are the patterns: 
Duckling from Little Conkers - this one is not free but it is very well written and totally worth a few dollars.
Turtle from Pink Mouse Boutique - this one is free

You will just need the feet (x4) and duck bill from the duckling pattern, then you will make all but the feet from the turtle pattern. Attach the duck bill between the eyes on the face, and attach the duck feet where it says to attach the turtle feet. 

NOTE: with the duck feet, I did NOT do the heel bobble, since we want to attach the feet flat to the turtle, so just skip the bobble. I added a turning chain to keep it smooth. You also don't need a tail on the foot since we are stitching it right in like the turtle pattern says.

I used a 3.5mm hook for both patterns and that made the sizing work out. Which was nice because I did not want to figure out what size hook to use on each pattern to get them proportional. It could be argued that the feet are a little big, but I see that as endearing. The colors were just yellow for the head and belly, orange for the bill and feet, and a variegated brown for the shell. I put in some safety eyes and used a yarn needle to stitch the pieces together.

Finished product:

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