Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Crochet Pattern - Nintendo Switch dock cover

I was looking for a gift for my little brother, and I came across this pattern for a Nintendo Switch Dock Cover:
I liked the concept but not the design - I'm not really into eight-bit pokemon. I came up with my own design which is an NES controller. In the end it was a little too long, but that's better than too small.
I did a green background, but any color really would work for that.
In all I had 6 colors: the background (green), white, two grays (dark gray, silver), black, and red. You only need a tiny bit of red, for the two buttons (literally two stitches). The white I used for the border of the controller, the dark grey was for the main body of the controller, and the silver was for the center bars. Black was used for the X controller and the select/start buttons.
My stitch dimensions were 42 rows with 49 stitches per row.

I started with a chain 50. The last stitch is the turning chain, so each row will have 49 st then finish with a chain 1 and turn.
I did 21 rows with the background color. This is the back of the piece, it's boring.
Now it's time for the front.
I did three rows of the background color, for a nice border, and I start and end each row with three stitches of the background color. I then finish the front with three rows of the background color, to finish it out. After completing, fold in half and stitch up both sides to finish.

This pattern is all single crochet, I think a tight stitch is helpful since it's a screen protector. I should have written down what type of hook I used but I do not recall - I think I used what is recommended by Christine so a 2.75mm. Keeping the yarns from getting tangled was difficult - stay cognizant of your threads and untangle before they get hopelessly intertwined.

Color Key: 
A is green (background color), B is white, C is dark gray, D is silver, E is black, and F is red.

All rows are written left to right, but obviously when you crochet, you are taking turns starting on the left then right then left. I made this patter from a spreadsheet and failed to take that into account. So I believe it is on the even rows, read right to left with the stitches (the black X should be on the left of the pattern).

Pattern as a Spreadsheet
Row 1: 50A
Row 2-21: 49A (this finishes the back)
Row 22-24: 49A
Row 25-26: 3A, 43B, 3A
Row 27: 3A, 1B, 13C, 15D, 13C, 1B, 3A
Row 28: 3A, 1B, 41C, 1B, 3A
Row 29: 3A, 1B, 5C, 3E, 5C, 15D, 13C, 1B, 3A
Row 30: 3A, 1B, 5C, 3E, 33C, 1B, 3A
Row 31: 3A, 1B, 5C, 3E, 5C, 15D, 13C, 1B, 3A
Row 32: 3A, 1B, 2C, 9E, 2C, 15D, 13C, 1B, 3A
Row 33: 3A, 1B, 2C, 9E, 33C, 1B, 3A
Row 34: 3A, 1B, 2C, 9E, 2C, 15B, 2C, 3B, 2C, 3B, 3C, 1B, 3A
Row 35: 3A, 1B, 5C, 3E, 5C, 1B, 5E, 3B, 5E, 1B, (2C, 1B, 1F, 1B)x2, 3C, 1B, 3A
Row 36: 3A, 1B, 5C, 3E, 5C, 15B, 2C, 3B, 2C, 3B, 3C, 1B, 3A
Row 37: 3A, 1B, 5C, 3E, 33C, 1B, 3A
Row 38: 3A, 1B, 13C, 15D, 13C, 1B, 3A
Row 39: 3A, 43B, 3A
Row 40-42: 49A
Fold in half, with the threads/backside on the outside, then stitch up the sides and tidy up the back. Flip right-side-out and you're good to go!

And here is my finished product, on my brother's Switch dock.

I hope you find this pattern enjoyable! You are welcome to make your own pattern like I did, just using the dimensions given here and in the source pattern. Have fun with it!

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