Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Doldrums vs Storms

It is better to struggle with depression rather than just give in. But when you are in the doldrums, it seems that struggling is futile. That makes it all the more difficult.
Storms are clearly dangerous, and people realize how bad they can be. People encourage you when you're struggling through a storm. We have songs and poems about the storms of life and all that. A storm gives you something to fight, something to overcome, and in the end you can talk about how you weathered a mighty storm.
From the outside it seems that doldrums are much easier than storms. Doldrums are calm and seem peaceful. But that's the danger - you get stuck in the doldrums and you can't get out without outside help. Doldrums are quiet and seem like non-events. Many people struggling through the doldrums are just as silent as the doldrums. There is no clear enemy to fight or challenge to overcome, and nobody talks about how they weathered through the doldrums.
In the end, we need to realize that the doldrums are just as dangerous as a full-out storm. Just ask the Ancient Mariner.

And further, here are some comics that capture the frustrations of depression.

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