Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Immigration Reform

I thought this up a while ago while watching a news report on the Dream Act.

In a fictitious town, there is a company that is hiring workers. However, the line is long and the hiring process takes several years to complete. So there are people that, instead of waiting in line and going through the hiring process, sneak in a back door or an unlocked window. These people slip into the store and, while some may do odd jobs here or there, as a whole do not participate in the company work and try not to be discovered.
One day, the boss of the company sends out a memo to the entire work force. This memo states that all people in the building are now employees of the company. If you are waiting in line to get hired, good job! Keep waiting and eventually you'll be an employee. But those who are already in the building, no matter how they got in, are automatically employees - no need to wait in that line that is way too long!

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