Sunday, March 30, 2014

How to make peanut butter

It's really quite easy. You need:
Peanuts. That's the only ingredient (they don't need to be super extra-large, but I went to Costco and that's what they have). As a side note, you want to check the ingredients to make sure there's just peanuts in there (you'd be surprised what some brands add to just peanuts). NOTE: You can use whatever nuts you want! Doesn't have to just be peanuts - mix it up (ha) and use mixed nuts or whatever strikes your fancy!
You will use: 
A food processor, spatula, and jar. If you use a mason or other small-neck jar, you'll want a jar spatula (makes less of a mess).
Now for making peanut butter!
First, put the peanuts in the food processor. 
 Blend them up.
 Scrape down every once in a while (maybe 3 times?). If you have a strong processor, you don't really need to do this part. 
 It should go all granular then start thickening.
Scrape it down and up (sometimes a layer gets stuck on the bottom and doesn't mix in).
 You're done when it balls up (you can kinda see the ball of peanut butter on the far side below). UPDATE! Don't stop at this stage - wait for it to get back to liquid (a minute or two more) and you won't have to mix your butter as much in the comic days.
 That's done! UPDATE it's not done, mix longer so it's all liquid, not a big ball.
 Mix it til you have your desired consistency, but you want it rather creamy. I think if you want it chunky (I haven't tried this), add more peanuts about now and just blend a little bit. Actually you want to chop some nuts separately then hand mix them in.
 Put it in your jar!
 And that's all! Well, other than cleaning your dishes and such. You don't have to refrigerate it, but it won't separate if in the fridge.

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