Thursday, March 20, 2014

Motherhood vs Fatherhood

 Why is it that we train up little girls to be mothers, but don't train up little boys to be fathers? If little girls play with baby dolls because they want to be mothers, shouldn't little boys play with baby dolls (to a lesser extent) because they want to be fathers? I know mothers are the primary caretaker of little kids, but fathers should be quite involved as well (for the sanity of the mother, if nothing else).
 I've heard it said that motherhood is the greatest calling a woman can have (and I do believe it is crucially important), but why is it that fatherhood is not seen as a great calling as well? To put it plainly, why is it seen as weird if a girl does not aspire to be a mother, but it's totally fine if a boy does not aspire to be a father? Why do we glorify motherhood but stay silent on fatherhood?
 I understand that fathers are normally the ones bringing in the paycheck (i.e. primary job away from the home) while mothers stay home and take care of the kids and house (i.e. primary job inside of the home), but shouldn't parenting be done by both parents? Shouldn't both parents see their primary job as parenting? If there are two adults in the household but only one is doing the parenting, it is basically a single-parent household.

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